Collection and Connection: The Value of Craft

Thanks for sticking it out. If you've ever been involved in content creation, you know it is a consumable. Consumables need to be refilled. I only write this blog when I have something to, if you are still here...Thanks. I'll try to get through this topic in a coherent manner.I've collected craft (unknowingly...) for... Continue Reading →

Additive Craft Syndrome

I'm debating how to do this without a wall of text? I'll try to throw in pictures here and there, but it's going to be long, and I am probably going to ramble a bit. Bear with me.Over the past few months, we've all spent a decent amount of time on YouTube (I'm sure?). It's... Continue Reading →

Avoiding Mistakes

So, I made three quick bowls out of some dried stock a day or so back, and I carved the bottoms on the first two, but the third one was a little more material than I felt like pushing a gouge through this morning, so I decided to turn the base down a bit before... Continue Reading →


My buddy Pat runs an informal gathering for spoon carvers every year.  We camp, carve, and just hang out together.  It's a good time. Tom and I knew each other casually for the past couple of years, but I thought he'd enjoy it and fit in relatively well with the crowd, so I asked him... Continue Reading →

Way Back in the Day…

Try to remember how things used to be? Do you remember life before streaming?  Before YouTube?  Before the internet? I tell my kids about the old days and how we learned, and how hard it was...but also that there was value in the struggle.  Not only did you learn how to do something, but often... Continue Reading →

Cut It Out

There is a universal truth to woodturning. You need to waste wood to make things. There really isn't an option? So, knowing that it isn't an additive process like ceramics, how much should you "waste?" My answer is more than you probably think. Take this block of wood: It is both wider and longer than... Continue Reading →

Giving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving morning, so I sat quietly in the shop this morning before all the chaos started and put a knife or two to this spoon. It gave me some time to think with a cup of coffee and reflect on 2019 a bit. It's been an awful year, but that's not really what this... Continue Reading →

Demo Hogging…

I started demonstrating about 12 years ago, and I guarantee you I was terrible at it.  The truth is, most people that demonstrate are... I decided to "study" people demonstrating to pick out the things that I found made their demos interesting, and try to work them into my demos.  Now, granted, as a field... Continue Reading →

Sorry about the Wall of Text?

I haven't written this blog in a while, mostly because I haven't had all that much to least as it pertains to woodturning and craft. I'm also going to be thin on pictures, since I don't have any for this particular topic?  It's not really a topic, as much as it is a short... Continue Reading →

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